Allow me to Introduce Myself

I am obsessed with Digital and Technology. I like making things happen and make them even better. My world is Digital, Web, Technology and Growth, not in a specific order.

I have been actively involved in the inspiring and challenging Digital world for the last 9 years.

I live and breathe Digital, Marketing and Technology.
I have graduated with a Master degree in Marketing from the University of Worldwide and National Economy, but I still like Maths and Informatics after my Informatics high school degree.

I have helped websites get quality and relevant traffic from Natural Search (hello, Google, I am looking at you).
I have worked both in-house and as an individual consultant.

Yes, I do specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I also care more about growth in the long term through other traffic acquisition channels. I believe that all the pieces work the best as a part of an integrated Marketing Strategy.

Growth, efficiency and productivity in everything I do.
I have helped businesses increase their revenue through Natural Search.
My current specialty is Search Engine Optimization, making sure website receive the natural traffic that they deserve!

My interests, however, extend beyond SEO and I have been learning basic scripting, HTML & CSS fundamentals (you know, digital marketers must understand code), product development, conversion rate optimization and user experience research.

What do I do when I am not working

When I am not working, I am travelling, relaxing,
trying to enjoy the silence, searching for inspiration, loving this guy on the left, keep smiling (on the right)…just trying the next crazy thing.

My Resume in English and Spanish

Download my CV in English: Anita_Valentinova_CV_EN

Download my CV in Spanish: Anita_Valentinova_CV_ES